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The “Corte do Norte” Route

Boarding on this journey through streets and alleys that inspired writers, painters and other artists in their works.

We begin at the Church of Lord Bom Jesus, a shrine for the faithful of Madeira, who on the first Sunday of September go there, to fulfill the promises made.

The story also tells us that in 1908 there was a big fire in the church, caused by a devotee who had carelessly left a candle burning. The building was reduced to rubble, saving only part of the sacristy and a crucifix of Jesus Christ.

Right next to the church we have the well and the home of Romeiro, built at the end of the century. It was a place of shelter for the pilgrims, where the wounds were cured, hot meals were served, and they stayed overnight during the feast of the Lord Bom Jesus.

Next to the Church we have the Pool Complex, great for enjoying the sun, the soft water and even snacking on some limpets or other delicacies. 

We follow the path through road Eng. João Fidélio de Canha until we find the Romeiro plaza, a place where there are sculptures in honor of the pilgrims. There is also a well where they once washed their clothes. 

Continuing to going up, this time through the road of Romeiros, we will find the main road of the parish, and at the very beginning the House of Ladrilho, where the writer Horacio Bento Gouveia was born, author of several novels and works that portrayed the madeiran linving.

The next stop will be at Pico viewpoint, where you can see much of the north coast of the island, and the house of Pico, an old manor house. We continue along Estrada Padre Casimiro Abreu, along the way we will find the Feiteiras viewpoint, a resting place, with a brazier, good for a nice espetada in the madeiran way. Apart from a great view over much of the north coast, we also have a glimpse of the main hotel unit of the county.

  1. Igreja do Bom Jesus
  2. Casa do Romeiro
  3. Complexo Balnear de Ponta Delgada
  4. Praça do Romeiro
  5. Casa do Ladrilho
  6. Miradouro do Pico
  7. Miradouro da Feiteiras



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