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The Faith Route

The magnificent churches and chapels represents the faith and traditions of a people. Filled with history, discover the legacies of our past. 
We begin this itinerary by the Church of the Rosary, place of worship of hundreds of faithful who arrive in October, when the "Arraial do Rosário" takes place. 
We follow Estrada D. João V and then make a detour on the Estrada do Pico da Cova, towards the Chapel of Our Lady of Fátima, a chapel built to celebrate Portugal's failure to participate in World War II. 
On the João Abel Freitas road, we drive to the village, where we will find the Igreja Matriz de São Vicente. Following the road of D. João V, we go towards the Chapel of São. Vicente, where the legend says, appeared an image of the saint. 
We turn right and along Marcos Marques Rosa Avenue we continue to Ponta Delgada, where Senhor Bom Jesus Church is planted in front of the sea, where one of the most popular and traditional "arraiais" of Madeira is held. 
Hundreds of pilgrims come from many places on the island, the most devout on foot, others on excursions. They end up spending several nights under vineyards and empty lands to fulfill the promises to Lord Bom Jesus. 
We continue the trip and take the road from Vista de Senhor Bom Jesus, an obligatory stop at Miradouro do Bom Jesus, where you can see the entire North Court, this beautiful parish of Ponta Delgada. 
We continue along the Pedro Gomes Galdo Road, in the direction of Boaventura, in the heart of the Laurissilva Forest, where the Church of Santa Quitéria is located in the center of the parish. 
Through the green forest, we headed towards Fajã do Penedo, a small village with a chapel of symbolic value, was the first temple in the whole world dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. So we end our journey in the ways of faith.

  1. Igreja do Rosário
  2. Capela Nossa senhora de Fátima
  3. Igreja Matriz de São Vicente
  4. Capela de São Vicente
  5. Igreja do Senhor Bom Jesus
  6. Miradouro do Bom Jesus
  7. Igreja de Santa Quitéria
  8. Miradouro da Santinha
  9. Capela do Imaculado Coração de Maria


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