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The heart of Laurissilva Route

A tour in the Laurissilva Forest, an authentic natural sanctuary, practically immaculate, where the green of the mountains impresses anyone.

The Garden of the Center of Boaventura is the starting point for this our adventure. Just in front of this square we have the Chapel of Santa Quitéria, the parish's main church. We walk along the traditional sidewalk where we will find the cemetery. Then we stopped at the existing viewpoint and let ourselves get involved by the magnificent view over Entrosa's path and in the background, the Ribeira do Porco.

Going down the Municipal Road of São Cristóvão, we will end at the viewpoint with the same name, because it was in this area that was built a hermitage in honor of São Cristovão. This viewpoint privileges us with a magnificent view on the Path of Entrosa, the old path that linked the parishes of S. Jorge and Boaventura.

Reversing, we climb up the path to the Solar de Boaventura, a hotel that houses an interesting collection of traditional tools and utensils.

We follow the trip towards the Lombo do Urzal, by the road Pedro Gomes de Galdo making a detour by the road of Falca, a place practically immune to human intervention, where we have one of the main trails of the county: Vereda do Urzal, as well as one of the main levadas of the island, Levada dos Tornos, which transported the water in abundance from the north coast to the southernmost regions.

We returned to Boaventura this time along the Cardo road to the Ribeira do Porco, where there are evidences of an old cave, where the materials that were coming through the sea were kept, and the ruins of the old sugar cane mill.

  1. Jardim do Centro da Boa Ventura
  2. Capela de Santa Quitéria
  3. Miradouro de São Cristovão
  4. Solar de Boa Ventura
  5. Miradouro da Santinha
  6. Lombo do Urzal
  7. Capela do Imaculado Coração de Maria
  8. Foz da Ribeira do Porco


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