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The wine Route

The main activity of the people of São Vicente is the wine culture. This route intends to show the many steps of the process of making the wine, from the picking of the grape, the vines in trellis, to the tasting of this nectar. We begin with a visit to Barbusano farm, the perfect place to know more about wine production in São Vicente, castes, treatment, the wine rest, among other aspects that influence the quality of the wine. After a walk through the grapevines, and consequent explanations, we have the wine tasting, one of the highlights of this experience, which promises to surprise the expectations of the visitors. We continue along the Levada of Cardais to the Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima, promised with the goal that if Portugal would not participate in World War II, and there she is, vigilante from the summit of Pico da Cova, overlooking the village. Arriving at the end of the levada, we descended to the viewpoint of Cardais, a space to enjoy the view over the valley and rest our legs. Going down the almost 300 stairs that lead us to the historic center, we find the tourist office, bars, cafes, restaurants, toilets and other services that may be useful. Finally we drive to the place of Calhau, where the chapel of S. Vicente is immediately visible. Right next to it is the Adega of São Vicente, where the grapes are stored, for later wine production

  1. Quinta do Barbusano
  2. Capela de Nossa Senhora de Fátima
  3. Miradouro dos Cardais
  4. Centro Histórico
  5. Adega de São Vicente
  6. Capela de São Vicente
  7. Calhau



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