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Visits and Experiences

 São Vicente Caves

São Vicente Caves

Parish: São Vicente
Opening hours: From 10am to 6pm everyday, except the 25th of december.

Duration: About 30 minutes

Opening in 1996, the Caves of São Vicente provide a fantastic trip to the interior of the earth. This visit is led by guides who lead us through a set of lava tubes, formed more than 890 thousand years ago as a result of the passage of lava through the interior of the rock at high temperatures.

The Volcanism Center is a space of knowledge about the volcanic activity and the formation of the island of Madeira.

More informations: Grutas de S.Vicente e Centro de Vulcanismo
 P. Delgada Beach Complex

P. Delgada Beach Complex

The Ponta Delgada beach complex is located next to the Church of the Parish. It consists of two swimming pools, one for children and one for adults with salt water and water treatment system.

The complex offers car park reserved for users with mobility, accessibility ramps, adapted sanitary facilities with included shower.



Behavior and Procedures in the Beach Complex of Ponta Delgada

Accessible beach to everyone
 Cultural Promotion Center of São Vicente

Cultural Promotion Center of São Vicente

Opening hours: From Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 5.30pm.
Entrance: Free
Located in the heart of the village of São Vicente, it is a space for cultural dissemination, where monthly exhibitions of regional artists are held. It is also space for other cultural events such as, serenades or book presentations promoting the dynamic artistic and cultural growth in the Municipality of São Vicente.
 The Lime Route

The Lime Route

Parish: Lameiros, São Vicente
From Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 2pm.
A museum center that allows us to make the course of the kiln workers, many years ago, in the transportation of firewood, limestone and water to the lime kiln.
 Barbusano Farm

Barbusano Farm

The "Quinta do Barbusano, Lda." is a company that was set up in July 2006, on the initiative of its partners António Oliveira e Freitas and Tito Sousa Brazão.
Its business activity focuses on the area of winemaking, with the production and sale of wines.
More recently, Quinta do Barbusano "has started a new service, a winemaking experience, which goes through a guided tour of the vineyards culminating with the evidence of the wines produced there.
There are about 17 hectares of vineyards, distributed in the counties of São Vicente and Porto Moniz, where the wines of this farm, the White Barbusano , the Red Barbusano and the Rosé Barbusano are produced.
 Touristic Train

Touristic Train

Parish: São Vicente
Opening hours: From 11am to 12pm from Monday to Friday. See Poster: Here Duration: About 2 hours

On board the tourist train you can visit places with history, viewpoints with fantastic views and even unique places, an experience that will surely enrich your visit to São Vicente.

More informations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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